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Veteran, Vintage and Historic (VVH) Motor Vehicles


Information on Concessional Registration of Veteran, Vintage and Historic Motor Vehicles in the Australian Capital Territory.

Veteran, Vintage and Historic vehicle owners are represented by many different car clubs, which are affiliated with the council of ACT Motor Clubs Inc. (Council).

If you are a member of a club affiliated with the Council you could be eligible to participate in the Concessional Registration Scheme.

For more information refer to the Veteran, Vintage and Historic Motor Vehicle Concessional Registration Scheme guidelines or visit the Council of ACT Motor Clubs website http://www.actmotorclubs.org.au/

Converting your vehicle from standard registration to VVH registration

Ensure you read the VVH guidelines document above before you convert your cars registration to VVH as there are strict restrictions on the use of VVH vehicles.

To be eligible you must be a member of a car club, affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs Inc. Print off and complete the application for concessional registration and have the club registrar at your affiliated club sign and stamp your form.

You may require an inspection before obtaining VVH registration. Refer to the scenario table below to decide if your vehicle requires an inspection.


Inspection Required

Currently ACT registered vehicle


Currently unregistered ACT vehicle (expired by less than 12 months)


Currently unregistered (expired by more than 12 months)


Currently unregistered (cancelled registration)


Currently registered interstate


Transferring ownership of a VVH registered vehicle (regardless of if the new operator is keeping the vehicle in VVH registration)


Currently VVH registered / unregistered vehicle converting back to standard ACT registration


This transaction must be completed at a Canberra Connect Shopfront by the person applying to become the registered operator. Ensure you bring the following things with you:

  •      Your ACT driver licence (or other primary identification and evidence of ACT garaging address).

  •      Proof of acquisition (not required if vehicle is already in your name).

  •      Completed application to establish registration (can be either the application on the reverse of the certificate inspection or download one here if an inspection was not required)

  •      Completed (and stamped and signed by the club registrar), application for concessional registration.

  •      Passed and valid certificate of inspection (if applicable).

  •      Statutory declaration for duty exemption (if applicable, see stamp duty section below)

Stamp Duty Exemption

Veteran, Vintage and Historic vehicles are exempt from Duty on establish registration where the vehicle:

  • is first being registered after restoration and has not been registered under the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act 1999 or a corresponding law within the preceding two years from this date;
  • will carry number plates that signify the vehicle is classified as Veteran, Vintage and Historic.

The ACT Revenue office has advised that for an exemption of this type to be granted, the applicant must complete a statutory declaration at a Canberra Connect Shopfront stating that the above conditions apply to the vehicle being registered.

If within a period of 3 years after the registration of a vehicle, which has been exempted from duty as described above and the vehicle is then re-established into general registration and continues to be operated by the same person who received the duty exemption, then duty will be payable, equal to the amount which would have been duty payable on the establish registration.


Application for concessional registration

Veteran, Vintage and Historic Rego

Application to Establish Registration



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