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Vehicle Identity Inspections  

Information relating to vehicle identity inspections in the Australian Capital Territory

Road transport and enforcement agencies throughout Australia are working together on a range of initiatives to reduce vehicle theft. As a part of these processes, the ACT has introduced a new inspection to check the identity of vehicles that are in high risk categories.

Rebirthing generally takes place in a state or territory other than the one in which the vehicle was stolen, and mainly involves late model cars. It can also provide new identities for vehicles that have been imported into Australia duty free for dismantling or other purposes and that are not permitted to be registered here.

The vehicle identity inspection is in addition to the roadworthy inspection that is required when registering an interstate registered or unregistered vehicle in the ACT.  You must obtain a roadworthy inspection report before an identity inspection can be conducted. 

Which vehicles require a Vehicle Identity Inspection?

An identity inspection will be required if your vehicle is used, less than or equal to 10 years old and/or fits one of the following categories.

Note: The 10 year requirement is based on the year of Manufacture only – not month/year.

1.      Is an interstate registered vehicle being registered in a different name in the ACT;

2.      You do not have any documentation for the vehicle to establish its history; 

3.      Your vehicle does not have clear identifiers such as the vehicle identification number (VIN) or engine number;

4.      Your vehicle is a repairable write off and was registered in the ACT at the time it was written off.

Are there any exemptions to the above?

Yes, you do not require a Vehicle Identity Inspection   (unless indicated by an Authorised Inspector) if:

The vehicle was bought or sold by a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer or from an auction house that also has a licence to operate as a motor vehicle dealer (e.g Pickles or Fowles).

In all cases the tax invoice must display the seller’s licence number (e.g. LMVD, LVD, MD, LMCT)


Your vehicle is duty exempt


Your vehicle is being registered in the same name or names as the previous state. 

How will I know if my vehicle needs to be inspected?

You will be told if an identity inspection is required when you apply to register the vehicle or transfer its registration, or when the vehicle is undergoing its roadworthiness inspection. 

What does the inspection cost?

Click here to view the current fees.

Where can the inspection be done?

Identity inspections are conducted by specially trained government inspectors and can only be done at the Vehicle Inspection Station operated by Road User Services in Dickson. To make a booking for a vehicle identity inspection, phone 13 22 81.

What do I need to bring with me to the inspection?

For all identity inspections, the vehicle operator is required to bring the following:

  • Driver licence or alternative primary proof of identity;
  • Proof of acquisition; and
  • Certificate of Inspection

If the identity inspection is for a vehicle that was registered in the ACT at the time it was declared a repairable written-off vehicle, the following additional information is required:

  • Receipts for all repairs

Where the vehicle has been individually constructed, the following additional information is required:

  • Receipts for the build of the vehicle



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