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Parking Rules

Information about parking rules in the Australian Capital Territory.

Examples of where it is illegal to stop or park your vehicle are:

  • on a taxi rank or bus stop;
  • in a "No Stopping" zone;
  • in a "No Parking" zone; (you can stop but not park)
  • on a traffic island, the median strip or plantation in a divided carriageway;
  • in a loading zone unless you have an approved loading zone parking permit or the vehicle is specifically permitted to use the loading zone;
  • across any passage, thoroughfare, entrance, driveway or foot crossing;
  • so that any part of the vehicle overhangs any line marking or parking space/bay;or
  • anywhere other than in a marked bay in a car park marked into bays.

Click here to read the 'Parking on the Roadside' fact sheet.

For a full description of parking rules you should refer to the Australian Road Rules.

Copies can be viewed at ACT Government Libraries or on the internet at www.ntc.gov.au


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