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Overseas Drivers

Information for overseas drivers about driving in the Australian Capital Territory.

Visiting Drivers

Visiting drivers are not required to obtain an ACT Driver Licence providing their International Driving Permit and/or overseas licence are current. A visiting driver is a person from overseas who arrives in the ACT with no intention of becoming a permanent resident. This includes:

  • tourists;
  • business people;
  • people on working holiday visas; and
  • people studying or working temporarily in the ACT who intend to return to their home countries when they finish their courses or jobs.

When driving in the ACT a visiting driver must carry:

  • Your foreign driver licence written in English; or
  • Your international driving permit accompanied by your foreign driver licence; or
  • Your foreign driver licence that is not in English, accompanied by an official English translation of the licence. An official translation means a translation certified by an Embassy or Consulate or by a National Accreditation Authority For Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) or an Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) accredited translator.

An International Driving Permit is only valid if it is accompanied by the foreign licence.

Visiting drivers may only drive vehicles they are permitted to drive in their home country and must comply with any restrictions endorsed on their overseas licence.


Overseas Drivers who become ACT Residents

People from other countries who take up residence in the ACT must hold an ACT Driver Licence to drive a motor vehicle or motorbike. When you move to the ACT your current overseas licence or International Driving Permit is valid for only three months.

To obtain an ACT Driver Licence an overseas applicant must:

  • present their overseas licence; or
  • a letter from the overseas licence issuing authority confirming their licence details and status; or
  • a letter from a relevant consulate or diplomatic office, based on information received from the overseas licence issuing authority, confirming their licence details and status.

Documents not in English are to be accompanied by an official English translation issued by the National Accreditation Authority For Translators and Interpreters.

In addition, applicants must:

  • provide proof of their identity and residency;
  • pass an eyesight test;
  • pass a knowledge test;
  • pass a driving or riding test;
  • provide completed medical assessment (if required); and
  • pay the required fees.

If you hold a current Full driver licence for a motor vehicle or motorbike from an approved country or Experienced Driver Recognised Country who is 25 years of age or older, you will not be required to pass a practical driving assessment or a Road Rules Knowledge test.

An applicant from overseas who wishes to transfer a heavy vehicle licence to the ACT must meet the full requirements for the heavy vehicle class. The applicant is exempt from the tenure requirement if the applicant held an equivalent heavy vehicle licence class overseas for the required tenure period.



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