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Moving to the ACT?

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When you move to the ACT

Payment details and information on what you need to do with your vehicle registration and driver licence when you move to the Australian Capital Territory.

You must change over your vehicle registration and driver licence within three months of taking up residence in the ACT.

Vehicle registration

An administration fee, which includes the cost of ACT number plates, is payable, in addition to the normal registration costs.

The vehicle will need to be inspected at the Vehicle Inspection Station, Dickson, or by an authorised examiner to ensure it is roadworthy before it can be registered in the ACT. You will need the vehicle's interstate registration papers for this.

If your vehicle is gas powered you will be required to supply a gas certificate from an ACT authorised gas fitter. You will need to present the certificate to the vehicle inspection station or an authorised examiner prior to having your vehicle inspected.

A fee is charged for the inspection. The inspection report is valid for one month from the date of inspection.

If the vehicle is less than 10 years old, a vehicle identity check may be required (a fee is charged for an identity check). You must obtain a roadworthy inspection report before an identity check can be conducted. Phone Road User Services for more information.

Registration of the vehicle can be arranged at any Canberra Connect Shopfront. You will need to provide:

  • the passed vehicle inspection report;
  • a passed vehicle identity check (if applicable);
  • the interstate registration certificate or your purchase receipt for the vehicle;
  • proof of identity and residency; and
  • proof that the vehicle is normally kept or 'garaged' in the ACT.

You will also need to surrender the interstate number plates. Please be aware you will need to bring a screwdriver and remove the plates prior to surrender. If you have unused registration from your previous State/Territory, you will need to contact the relevant Authority to seek a refund.

You cannot transfer your Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTPI) or 'greenslip' from interstate to the ACT. You will be able to select and pay for a CTPI provider and premium at the same time as you establish registration on your vehicle.

To obtain a refund on any unused portion of your CTPI or 'greenslip' you must apply to the Road Transport Authority in the state or territory where your vehicle was previously registered.


You must attend the counter in person, an agent cannot establish a vehicle registration on your behalf.


Interstate Driver Licence

If you already have a licence (other than a learner licence) from any Australian state or territory, you can exchange it for an ACT licence free of charge at any Canberra Connect Shopfront or the Civic Driver Licence Service. You will need to provide proof of identity and residency and produce your existing licence.

The ACT licence is issued to the expiry date of the interstate licence up to a maximum of five years. Thereafter renewals are issued to the licensee’s next birthday where the licensee’s age is divisible by 5.

International Driver Licence

If you have a current licence or one expired by less than 5 years and it is from an approved country, PDF ( 15.8Kb ) you are exempt from the practical driving test and the road rules knowledge test.

If you have a licence from another country, you will have to successfully complete a road rules knowledge test and either:

  • pass a practical driving test with a government licence examiner; or
  • undertake training and continuing assessment with an accredited driving instructor (the 'log book' system).

The knowledge test is conducted by a Roady Ready Centre at the Canberra Technology Park, 47 Phillip Avenue, Downer, or at the Road Ready Centre, 72 Townsend Street Phillip.

To sit the test, you will need to provide two passport photographs and produce your overseas licence. It is not necessary to make a booking.

You must apply in person for a licence.




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