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Demerit Points

How it Works

Demerit points are a penalty that may be imposed when you commit a traffic offence.

When issued a driver licence, you start with zero (0) demerit points recorded against your driver licence and demerit points are then accumulated for offences committed where demerit points are applicable.

If you accumulate or exceed the maximum allowable demerit point threshold for your licence type, within a three (3) year period, your licence will be subject to a period of suspension.

For example, if you hold a Full ACT Driver Licence, for which the allowable demerit points threshold is twelve, your licence will be demerit point suspended if you accumulate twelve or more demerit points within a three (3) year period.

The three year period is calculated by the date of the offence. This means that if you incur an infringement, the demerit points associated with this infringement will count towards the three year period either side of the offence. If you accumulate more than your allowed demerit points within these periods, your driver licence will be suspended.

The more demerit points that are accumulated within the three year period, the longer the period of suspension that is applied.

While demerit points only count towards a suspension for a three year period, infringements are permanently recorded in the driver licence history.

Learner licence suspension periods:


Number of demerit point in three years demerit Length of licence suspension

   12 or more   

   3 months   


Provisional licence suspension periods:


Number of demerit point in three years demerit Length of licence suspension

   Provisional licence issued before 1 August 2000 - 8 or more demerit points

   Provisional licence issued after 1 August 2000 - 4 or more demerit points   

   3 months


  3 months

NOTE: The Road Ready Plus (P off course) is available to clients who obtained their ACT Provisional licence after 1 August 2000.  To be eligible for the course, licence holders must have held an active provisional licence for a minimum period of 6 months.  Upon successful completion of the Road Ready Plus course, the licence holders points demerit threshold is increased to 8 points.


Probationary licence suspension periods:


Number of demerit point in three years demerit Length of licence suspension

   2 or more   

   6 months   


Full licence suspension periods:


Number of demerit point in three years demerit Length of licence suspension



   20 or more

   3 months

   4 months

   5 months


Offence Penalty Points
Exceeding the speed limit by 45 km/h or more 6 points

Exceeding the speed limit by 30 km/h, but less than 45 km/h 4 points

Disobeying a traffic signal 3 points

Disobeying major regulatory traffic control sign or Police directing traffic 3 points

Failing to give way 3 points

Failing to stop and/or give way at pedestrian, school or level crossing 3 points

Driving with unrestrained passengers under legal age including children and infants 3 points

Driving contrary to a major defect notice 3 points

Driving on wrong side of double lines or divided highway 3 points

Exceeding the speed limit by 15 km/h but less than 30 km/h 3 points

Driving without seat belt 3 points

Motorcyclists not wearing a helmet 3 points

Careless/negligent driving 3 points

Using a Hand Held Mobile Phone while driving 3 points
Improper overtaking and passing 2 points

Turning or stopping without signalling 2 points

Turning improperly 2 points

Failing to keep left 2 points

Driving contrary to a minor defect notice 2 points

Failure to dip headlamps 1 point

Following too closely 1 point

Driving at night without headlamps on 1 point

Exceeding the speed limit by less than 15 km/h 1 point


Good Behaviour Period Alternative to Demerit Point Licence Suspension

The holder of a Full licence may elect to serve a 12 month Good Behaviour Period (GBP) as an alternative to serving a demerit point suspension.

The Good Behaviour Period election can be made at any time after the licence holder is served with a notice of demerit point suspension.

Once the election is made, the Good Behaviour Period will commence on either the day the demerit point suspension was due to take effect or on the date the Good Behaviour Period election was made (whichever happens last). At the commencement of the Good Behaviour Period, the licence holder's demerit point total is returned to zero.

Throughout the duration of the Good Behaviour Period, the licence holder's demerit point threshold is reduced to just two demerit points. A licence holder is suspended for double the original suspension period if they accrue two or more demerit points during the Good Behaviour Period. For example, a licence holder would be demerit point suspended for six months if they were originally served with a notice of demerit point suspension for three months, but instead elected a GBP and accrued two or more demerit points during the GBP.

How to apply

A person may submit an application to elect a Good Behaviour Period in person at any ACT Government shopfront or by post to:

Licence / Registration Section

PO Box 582


or by facsimile to (02) 62077120

Application Form

Good Behaviour Election/Acknowledgement form


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