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No Registration Labels for Light Vehicles from 1 July 2013   

The abolition of registration labels has been considered nationally and locally a number of times. WA, SA and Tasmania have recently ceased issuing registration labels and NSW has announced that they will also be abolishing registration labels on 1 January 2013.   

As part of the ACT Government’s Red Tape Reduction Panel the Government has agreed to abolish registration labels for light vehicles. Registration labels will no longer be required for light vehicles from 1 July 2013.  It should be noted that while registration labels provide an indication that a vehicle is registered, a registration label cannot be relied on as proof of registration.  In some instances labels have been found to be fraudulent and there are cases where a person pays for their registration, receives a label and subsequently the payment is dishonoured meaning the vehicle is unregistered but displaying a “current” label.  In addition, there are cases where a person pays for their registration and subsequently cancels the registration again meaning the vehicle is unregistered but may continue to display a “current” label.  Also, the introduction of the RAPID numberplate identification technology by ACT Policing has resulted in the identification and removal of unregistered vehicles from ACT’s roads without relying on registration labels. 

Light vehicle owners will continue to receive registration renewal reminder notices and registration certificates, however they will no longer be required to display a registration label on their vehicle.

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